How to use SSH over DNS [SlowDNS]

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What is SlowDNS? How It Works?

A DNS tunnel is one way of circumventing network censorship. A recursive DNS resolver's purpose is to receive packets and forward them somewhere else—in effect, working as a kind of network proxy. DNS tunnels over plaintext UDP are generally considered easy to detect because of the unusual DNS messages they use. However DoH and DoT are encrypted—an outside observer can see that you are communicating with a public resolver, but cannot decrypt the raw DNS messages to see that they embed a tunnel protocol. (The resolver itself can still easily tell that you are using a tunnel.)

Setup SSH over CDN with OpenTunnel Injector

These screen-shots are in English version Android OS. If you use other language, you can still configure it easily by referring the following instructions.

1. Install OpenTunnel Injector
You can download and install OpenTunnel Injector here.

2. Choose Server & Create an SSH Account
Open the and choose what server you want and fill in the fields of all forms.


3. Setup to OpenTunnel Injector
Open OpenTunnel Injector app and set to "SlowDNS" and fill in the fields of all forms.

  1. Set your DNS IP server in DNS field.
  2. Copy the Public Key and paste it on the Pub Key in the app.
  3. Don't forget place Name Server with

4. Setup SSH
Go to "SSH Settings" and fill in the fields of all forms.

Important: Please correctly input the SSH host. Remove like the following image, if you are using a server from OpenTunnel.


5. Connecting to SSH Server
Click "Start" button and wait until connected.

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